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ITSO on Mobile

Mobile phones are transforming smart ticketing in public transport. ITSO on Mobile aims to provide a universal solution that lets passengers purchase, fulfil and use an ITSO-compatible ticket on their mobile phones. Integrating with transport retail mobile applications and websites, ITSO on Mobile securely delivers purchased tickets, within seconds, directly to the Google Pay digital wallet on the phone.

The secure ticket is delivered over the air by Yotra's transit hubs cloud-based ticket fulfilment service, which is integrated with the operator’s back office system and with Google Pay. The ticket on the handset emulates a standard ITSO smartcard and is instantly recognised by ticket validator machines or gates. The smartphone serves as both ticket machine and ticket to provide a modern, end-to-end mobile ticketing solution.

ITSO on Mobile is the only mobile ticketing solution in our industry that combines Google Pay functionality with the security, flexibility and scalability of ITSO products, giving transport operators the opportunity to offer at ease, a mobile solution to their passengers supplementing their traditional ITSO smartcard schemes.

ITSO on Mobile benefits:

  • Compatible with existing ITSO infrastructure
  • Re-uses existing ITSO and ‘payment style’ software modules wherever possible
  • Scalable for rapid and resilient rollout
  • Uses a central ITSO-managed transit hub through which products will be channelled from operator back offices to a standard card emulation within the mobile phone.
  • Capable of integrating with operator’s existing mobile retail components
  • Brings the customer experience of Google to the public transport industry

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For more information contact nigel.cullum@itso.org.uk