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Who runs ITSO

As a membership organisation, we are essentially run by our members, but for strategic and operational duties we are governed by a Board, elected by the ITSO Members.

Our Board

The ITSO Board oversees the work of ITSO Limited. In accordance with the Articles of the Company.

Board Members
Steve Wakeland (Executive Chairman)
Gordon Hanning 
Alistair Smith
Catherine Waller
Christian McMahon

Alistair Smith is the Chairman of ITSO Transit Hub Ltd (ITHL). The Board comprising above meet separately to discuss matters of ITHL.

Our Committees

ITSO’s Board can choose to create and authorise various bodies to undertake specific tasks. This has resulted in the establishment of a number of dedicated committees.

Where possible, ITSO includes member representation on each committee to provide expertise in discussion and review.

Technical Committee

 The Technical Committee is responsible for ensuring assessment and development of the ITSO Specification which includes membership review and input.

Security Committee

This committee is an independent group of experts led by Professor Fred Piper, Director of the Information Security Group at the Royal Holloway, University of London. The committee’s main functions are to review ITSO security policies and provide comments and recommendations to the Board.  They also monitor and evaluate industry security standards, trends and threats and communicate these to ITSO’s membership.

For security related enquiries please contact security@itso.org.uk

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

The Nomination and Rumuneration Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors and the membership as to potential appointments/changes to the Board of Directors and has responsibility for setting the employment and remuneration policies for the company.

User Groups

There are a number of groups that operate within ITSO, where members discuss specific issues for different parts of the ITSO operational environment.

Operational Advisory Group and Technical Advisory Group

These groups consist of relevant members of the ITSO Limited team and its membership. They liaise with ITSO Limited and its Board on technical and commercial matters relating to the ITSO Specification, ITSO Environment, and compliant ITSO smart ticketing schemes and products.

ISMS User Group

This user group is a forum for feedback and exchange of information on all aspects of the ITSO Security Management System. It is an informal meeting which provides an opportunity for ITSO, Asset Management System Providers, and ISMS contractors to discuss current issues affecting the service, suggest improvements and plans for the future of the system, discuss developments and address any house-keeping issues.