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About Us

We are the Guardian of the ITSO Specification developed in the UK under Crown Copyright, which aims to make travelling on public transport throughout the UK seamless and easier by enabling smart ticketing technology. 

As a non-profit sharing membership organisation, our membership consists of public sector authorities, transport operators and equipment and solution suppliers to the smart ticketing industry, who together use the ITSO Specification to deliver smart, integrated and interoperable ticketing across Great Britain.

We are essentially run by our members. Their contributions are what makes the work we do possible. All of our profits are fed back into the development and improvements of our products and services.

The ITSO Board oversees the work of ITSO Limited in accordance with the articles of the company.

What we do


We support our members to set up and run ITSO-compliant smart ticketing schemes. 


We provide the highest levels of security that assures the validity of smartcards and passes and the integrity of transactions.


We test and certify smart ticketing equipment to ensure it meets the highest standards of delivery, compliance with the ITSO Specification.


We work with policy makers and standards bodies to ensure passengers are at the heart of decision making.


We provide the connection between the transport operators and suppliers of ticketing solutions.


We proactively explore new technologies that improve the passenger experience.