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Working for ITSO

ITSO are a unique company to work for.  Although we are a small team, we provide a service that is respected nationally in the transport industry.

We pride ourselves on being the experts when it comes to smart ticketing. No one knows and cares as much as we do about our Specification, our Service and our Security.  

Our members trust that we have their needs as the centre of everything we do, therefore it goes without saying that our members are our number one priority in all that we do and deliver.  As well as the skill set needed to do a specific job at ITSO, one of the most important skills we look for in our staff is that ability to provide top quality customer service.

We provide an enviable employee benefit package and provide opportunities for training and development.

Job openings at ITSO

There are no current vacancies.

Please contact julie.liburd@itso.org.uk