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Why we exist

ITSO has been making travelling on public transport throughout the UK seamless and easier by enabling smart ticketing technology since 2002. 

Throughout our history, we have been where the opportunities are, supporting our members to grow smart ticketing and realise its potential.  

Our Purpose

At ITSO we:

  • Support our members to set up and run ITSO-compliant smart ticketing schemes;
  • Test and certify smart ticketing equipment to ensure it meets the ITSO Specification;
  • Ensure the ITSO Specification is fit for purpose, changing to meet new business and technical requirements;
  • Provide the ITSO Security Management Service that assures the validity of cards and tickets and the integrity of transactions.
  • Proactively explores new technologies. We recognize that people want to buy travel the same way that they would buy other goods and service, for example on a mobile phone. 

This is our role and purpose.

Our Vision

ITSO’s vision is to transform smart ticketing.

No matter which mode of transport, who is providing it, or where you are in the UK, ITSO technology will deliver better journeys for everyone.

As technology grows, so will we.