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Why we exist

Our Vision

Making Mobility Seamless.

We believe that using any mode of public transport should be easy. With ITSO, both the customer experience and the operator proposition are improved, by providing technology and services to build secure, interoperable and innovative transport products.

Our Mission

What we set out to do.

We achieve our vision by supporting our members and the wider industry to grow ITSO smart ticketing and realise its potential.

We are the only UK-wide organisation that is supported by the Department for Transport to manage and develop the ITSO Specification under Crown Copyright, the platform for integrated smart ticketing schemes that enables interoperability and facilitates seamless travel across modes, operators and regional boundaries. 

Our technology is open - this means that it is both economical and adaptable to evolving future technology changes.

Whilst we do not run schemes or provide ticketing equipment or solutions, ITSO provides the environment that ensures the security of smart cards, products and transaction data between interoperable schemes. 

We provide an extensive range of testing and certification services to ensure the compliance of smart ticketing equipment to the ITSO Specification, ensuring that our operators have total peace of mind that their schemes are compliant under the recognised ITSO accreditation.

We provide the environment in which smart ticketing can work best.