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ITSO on Mobile with Google Pay launches with Transport for West Midlands

ITSO Transit Hub Ltd are pleased to announce that the first ITSO on Mobile scheme integrated with Google Pay has been rolled out to passengers on the West Midlands Metro tram network.

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), has rolled out the new technology, initially on the West Midlands Metro tram network as a pilot for up to 500 users prior to a wider rollout that would also include buses and trains.

ITSO on Mobile aims to provide a universal solution that enables passengers to purchase, fulfil and use an ITSO-compatible ticket on their mobile phones. Integrating with transport retail mobile applications and websites, ITSO on Mobile securely delivers purchased tickets within seconds directly to the Google Pay digital wallet on the phone.

ITSO on Mobile ticket fulfilment service is delivered through ITSO Transit Hub Ltd, created specifically to develop, deliver into service and then operate ITSO on Mobile. ITSO Transit Hub has been issued with a Certificate of Compliance from ITSO for its mobile (or virtual) customer media, mCMD2, an integral part of their ITSO on Mobile ticketing solution.

As well as Transport for West Midlands, ITSO Transit Hub are working with a number of its members to bring ITSO on Mobile to their ticketing programme. Further information will be forthcoming in due course.

If you have any questions about ITSO on Mobile contact nigel.cullum@itso.org.uk