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Membership Services

The following are core features of ITSO services that enable the delivery of ITSO smart ticketing schemes.

ITSO Operating Licence

Fundamental to members running an ITSO scheme, this contractual undertaking aims to preserve the integrity of the ITSO environment.

The License is valid whilst their membership remains in place.

ITSO Secure Application Modules (ISAMs)

All ITSO-compliant systems rely on ISAMs (ITSO Secure Application Modules). The ISAM is a programmable smart card chip with extended memory and is supplied as a card of the same size as a conventional bank card but with a removable section similar to a SIM card for a mobile phone.

These are secure electronic data processing modules, fundamental to the operation of  an ITSO scheme, used in every Point Of Service Terminal (POST) and Host Operator Processing System (HOPS/back office) within the ITSO environment.

The ISAM provides a number of key elements:

  • Operation of all levels of key management/usage thereby allowing different operators to have their products work with the ISAM and provide interoperability;
  • Certification and validation of card data and transaction data, in turn ensuring correct information is relayed to service operators for subsequent settlement;

The charges for ISAMs are based upon the quantity ordered. 

For further enquiries regarding the supply of ISAMs please contact acc_man@itso.org.uk.

ITSO Security Management Service (ISMS)

ITSO has developed a robust Security Sub System for use by Licensed Operators.

This system includes all elements of the ITSO environment, including:

  • Customer Media (smartcards or other smart devices)
  • Point of Service Terminals (POSTs – ticket machines or barriers)
  • Host Operator Processing System (HOPS – the back office data processing system).

At the heart of the Security Sub System are the cryptographic keys that are required by all elements of the ITSO environment to provide security and trust for all users. These cryptographic keys are generated within the ISMS and are made securely available to all users requiring them.

Each user requires an Asset Management Service (AMS) function within a HOPS to communicate to the ISMS. All POSTs and HOPS will contain an ITSO Secure Application Module (ISAM) that securely holds the cryptographic keys.

ITSO operates and runs the ISMS. This system provides key management facilities in a secure data centre, managing the lifecycle of the ITSO keys and ensuring the ISAMs are configured securely with these keys and managing the lifecycle of the ISAM from ordering to placing in and out of service.

The charges for the ISMS are fixed initial charges for the AMS set-up, ISAM connections and Frame Downloads plus annual charges for the AMS renewal and ISAM connections. For details please refer to Schedule Three on the Pricing Schedule.

For security related enquiries please contact security@itso.org.uk.


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