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Travelmaster smart tickets to go paperless

Passengers purchasing flexible and value-for-money TravelMaster tickets that are valid on rail services will no longer need a paper counterpart to use their ticket for train travel in South Yorkshire.

From the end of June 2019, TravelMaster’s smart tickets will go completely digital as Ticket Vending Machines stop issuing customers with paper counterparts for tickets that are valid on trains. Instead, rail ticket inspectors will use smartphones to check the validity of a ticket on a customer’s ITSO based TravelMaster smart card.

TravelMaster in South Yorkshire has been at the forefront of smart ticketing outside of London since it first introduced ITSO smart tickets in November 2013. It was the first smart scheme to issue multi-operator annual smart tickets, one of the first to issue multi-operator smart 7 & 28 Day tickets and from April of this year, customers have been able to buy paperless smart TravelMaster tickets easily and conveniently online at sytravelmaster.com. 

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Matt Smallwood, General Manager of TravelMaster, said: “Passengers in South Yorkshire now use TravelMaster tickets to make approximately 450,000 journeys a week; the majority of which are made using an ITSO smart card.

The withdrawal of paper counterparts is a huge milestone for us as we continue to innovate for the region’s transport users. Thanks to the recent introduction of our eCommerce platform, and the enhancements we have planned for it, it has never been easier to access what is now a truly smart range of flexible ticketing products providing some of the lowest priced multi-operator ticketing in the country”

Paper tickets will still be issued for some customers; such as those purchasing 1-day products on board buses and trams who don’t already have a smart card. If a customer already has a smartcard then 1-day tickets will be loaded to it where possible

TravelMaster smart cards are issued with the first purchase of a 7 or 28 Day ticket for a fee of £1. Smart cards can be re-used repeatedly and have been extensively tested to ensure up to 5-years of routine use.

TravelMaster tickets purchased through railway ticket offices will continue to be issued to standard orange rail tickets.

For more information contact TravelMaster by telephone at 0114 2211 444 or by e-mail at team@sytravelmaster.com.