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Rail Delivery Group deploy new HOPS to Unicard

ITSO smart ticketing supplier member Unicard’s cloud-hosted Host or Operator Processing System (HOPS) is set to be deployed by the Rail Delivery Group (RDG).

The RDG will deploy Unicard's HOPS for the Train Operating Companies (TOCs) it supports across the UK. RDG and the TOCs will be able to process all ITSO smart rail tickets while monitoring travel patterns, reducing costs, and onboarding train operators.

Simon Moorhead, CIO at the Rail Delivery Group, said: “The rail industry is committed to driving innovation and improving the customer experience for rail passengers. We needed a flexible smart ticketing infrastructure that could support multiple train companies across the UK and Unicard’s hosted solution met with our specifications.

“It provides us with the ability to centralise and streamline processing capabilities, onboard new train operators and track smart card data and transactions. It also has the potential to support other forms of smart ticketing in the future.”

The HOPS of 17 different TOCs will be placed in a centralised system where capacity varies depending on activity. The fully hosted and multi-tenanted solution is considered to be quicker and easier to set -up new configurations while providing visibility of smart ticketing activity through a single user interface.

Sean Dickinson, CEO of Unicard, said: “We have collaborated very closely with RDG to optimise the provision of our HOPS managed service, to support the evolving needs of RDG and the train operating companies in line with the Williams Rail Review.

“This win also contributes to Unicard’s wider rail strategy, where we are providing a capability that removes the barriers to entry for third-party providers, and extends the opportunity to Local Authorities looking to offer smart ticketing for rail.”