Testing and Certification

Why do we certify?

IN ORDER to guarantee that the ITSO Environment is truly national and interoperable, members need to ensure that they are using equipment which has a current certificate for use in that environment.

To gain certification the equipment is rigorously tested for compliance with the ITSO Specification.

It also undergoes interoperability testing with all the ITSO-compliant equipment available to date, to ensure as far as is possible that all components are truly physically interoperable.

Certification provides formal recognition of a product’s conformance to the ITSO Specification.

This allows:

  • Organisations to make clear and substantiated claims of conformance to the Specification.
  • Buyers to specify and successfully procure conforming products that inter-operate.

Upon successful completion of appropriate testing, the equipment and/or software is awarded an ITSO Certificate of Compliance which is normally valid for a period of seven years.

To apply for testing you must be an ITSO Member or a Registered Supplier. Applications should be made to Relationship Manager Kim Clarke, email kim.clarke@itso.org.uk, phone 01908 255485.

All Members and Registered Suppliers are given access to a password protected area of the website where they are able to view and download documentation and forms pertaining to certification and testing.

ITSO scheme operators should ensure that their equipment holds a valid ITSO certificate at all times. Lists of current and expired certificates (and current approvals) can be found as follows:

Current certificates for:

Customer Media (CM)

POSTs (Point of Service Terminals)

PersoPOSTs (Personalisation POSTs)

Remote POSTs

HOPS (Host Operator Processing System)


Expired Certificates

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