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Any individual, or organisation with an interest in the development or delivery of interoperable smart media solutions, is welcomed as a member of ITSO. Members have access to the ITSO portal and technical information, along with groups and committees that they can attend to enable them to understand and influence the development and implementation of the ITSO Specification.

ITSO joining and membership fees are banded according to the type of Member and their level of business turnover. In the case of an organisation which is part of a larger company or group the total worldwide turnover of the group determines its membership category*.

Become an ITSO Licensed Member

Any individual or organisation wishing to participate in an interoperable scheme using ITSO products must be an ITSO member and hold an ITSO Operating Licence. The terms of the licence aim to maintain the integrity of the ITSO operating environment for all users.

Licensed Members can issue ITSO-compliant cards; issue, sell or accept ITSO products (tickets); and collect and forward data.

They benefit from the use of the ITSO Security Management Service and ITSO trademarks and are required to use only ITSO-compliant hardware and software within their ITSO operations.

Become an ITSO Supplier Member

ITSO Supplier Members play an important part in providing the key building blocks for our Licensed Members to successfully run an ITSO scheme.

Becoming an ITSO Supplier Member will provide you with the path towards attaining ITSO certification for your product or service.  Before any equipment or software can be used within the ITSO environment, it has to be certified by ITSO.

ITSO provides a full end to end Testing and Certification service to meet this goal and can optionally provide initial technical support and guidance to new entrants to ensure that they become fully comfortable with the ITSO specification and the interaction of their product or service in the ITSO world.  

Once the Supplier Member archives a fully certified product or service you will become a part of our well established ITSO community.  

Membership also affords the opportunity to use our regular Member updates and forums to demonstrate successful implementations of your product or service which is always of interest to our Licensed Members.

Join now

If you are interested in becoming an ITSO Member please contact us at acc_man@itso.org.uk or telephone 01908 255455.

Complete your membership application form here.

*Any organisation wishing to join the ITSO membership will be subject to company and financial background checks.