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'Smart Transport in the Future' Workshop

This is a notification by Smartex of a 2-day residential workshop, 21 - 22 November 2017, Newnham College, Cambridge for those with an interest in the future of smart ticketing and payment for UK public transport.

In a workshop setting, there will be ample opportunities to interact with speakers, to understand their goals, the challenges they faced and the choices they made. Case studies will address:

  • Best practice from successful current schemes
  • Current and upcoming developments, including ITSO strategy and initiatives
  • New initiatives in the development stage, such as Account Based Ticketing, mobile payments

Who should attend?

Professionals with any interest in the commercial, operational or technical/ITSO aspects of smart ticketing and payment, whether as operators, service providers, component suppliers or consultants. The workshop caters for a wide range of participants, from novices to experts, and for both those with a technical background and those in marketing, sales or administration.

Workshop package

The package includes attendance on both days, all course material, online access to module presentations after the event, all refreshments, luncheons, and dinner and hotel accommodation on Tuesday night.

For more details contact Richard Poynder, Chairman of Smartex Limited on 01440 712610 or email richard@smartex.com

Previous workshops

Here's what delegates have said about previous Smartex workshops:

“I learned more about ITSO by lunch time on the first day than I had in last 5 years.”

“…Covered a good combination of high level technical and commercial issues that face operators, suppliers, local authorities and government.”

“I found the event informative and I have a better understanding of ITSO as a result.”

“As I am new to the industry I found the first day in particular interesting due to the detail given on the workings & practices of ITSO, which helped me greatly at understanding what ITSO does.”

“Your questions / comments were insightful and very welcome. I think with such a large group it was more difficult for people to speak up and raise questions so your interjections were particularly useful. The workshop was informative, fun and thought-provoking.”

“I particularly liked the presentations from scheme implementers – no substitute for real experience"

“I thought it provided some fascinating insights and it was great to meet all the different participants…”

“I’d like to thank you for the recent workshop and found it very informative with some really interesting information and perspectives from other organisations! The examples from other cities were particularly interesting, as well as visions for the future and other experiences, so I took a lot away from day 2 on this”