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Nottingham City announces milestones in smart scheme

Nottingham City Council’s Public Transport section, in collaboration with operators, is pleased to announce some milestones in their Robin Hood Card project.

Nottingham was the first scheme to make use of complex capping to provide operators own day caps in addition to the Robin Hood multi operator cap on a multi operator, multi modal PAYG card.

ITSO scheme statistics

The Robin Hood ITSO smart card is offered as a season ticket or a PAYG option. The PAYG card, launched just over a year ago has passed the £2 million turnover mark, with over 25,000 smart cards in circulation and around 9,000 different smart cards used in a single month for travel on the majority of bus operators and the tram. This is in addition to around 10,000 season tickets.

The scheme also has over 110 Robin Hood Ticket Vending Machines on street through the network area.  This number is continually increasing and there will be 150 TVM’s in total. The Scheme uses the ECEBS part 11 solution with Cammax machines to deliver on street balance check and top up for PAYG and Seasons, along with PAYG vending. The ECEBS remote download is also being used alongside the SmartCitizen CMS and web portal to deliver on line top up in the near future.

The Robin Hood scheme includes most bus operators and tram on PAYG, all bus operators, tram and some local rail on Seasons.

Tram season products and an under 19 PAYG will be going live on the Robin Hood card very soon making travel in the Robin Hood Network Area (which expands beyond the City boundary) even easier for residents.

Working with suppliers

Working closely with key suppliers, INIT, ECEBS, Cammax, Smart Citizen and Systra, the Nottingham scheme continues to expand and improve its offer to provide a good value and easy to understand option for residents and visitors.