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ITSO Ltd announces new version of the ITSO Technical Specification

ITSO Ltd, the organisation responsible for managing the UK’s only Specification for integrated smart ticketing on public transport, is pleased to announce the release of a new version, supported by the Secretary of State for Transport.

ITSO is the only UK wide ticketing infrastructure that enables all public transport operators to provide fully interoperable "seamless" ticketing solutions to passengers. The Specification outlines the guidelines and protocols that smart ticketing systems must adhere to in order to ensure interoperability and compatibility across different transport operators and modes of transportation. 

The approval of the new release marks a significant milestone in the ongoing collaboration with the Department for Transport. In 2023, ITSO secured a fifteen-year extension to maintain the national standard for public transport smart ticketing under Crown Copyright. This agreement and the new release reflects our joint commitment to enhance the value and effectiveness of ITSO technology for operators, ultimately improving the ticketing and travel experience for passengers.

Steve Holden, CEO, says, “I am incredibly proud of the work that we as an organisation have achieved in collaboration with our Members bringing this new Specification forward. Our ultimate goal is to support members in delivering better services to passengers and get more people onto public transport. We’ve seen notable technological advancements since the last Specification release, and we are now in a position to introduce new features which are designed to accommodate newer technologies, ensuring its relevance and compatibility for the future.”

“We are proud to introduce new media tailored for in wallet digital ticketing, reflecting our response to industry trends and government initiatives to digitise transport ticketing. The use of mobile and wearable devices over the past five years has seen exceptional growth, and the use of “digital wallets” is now an everyday activity for consumers. We recognise the customer's desire to have a choice of digital or physical options, which this update brings to the market.” 

The new version of the ITSO Specification underscores the confidence that the government and industry stakeholders have in ITSO's ability to drive forward the digital ticketing ecosystem. The work undertaken establishes ITSO's future and supports digital interoperability through new media form factors. ITSO will now work with its members and the industry to deploy across schemes throughout the United Kingdom.