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ITSO announce Board changes

As we move ITSO Limited and ITSO Transit Hub Limited forward in 2019 we will be undertaking several changes to ensure the best possible service for our membership. 

Changes within the ITSO Board

Mike Fuhr will serve his last day as Chairman of ITSO Ltd on 1st April.

Mike has chaired the ITSO Ltd board since 2011, a role which he says has both challenged him and provided great satisfaction. Mike’s career has seen him hold several senior roles for the UK Government, serving as Director of Major Transport Projects for nearly a decade, before becoming a Commercial Advisor on transport matters. Mike also led the London 2012 Olympic Transport Programme and worked to deliver the high-speed rail line to the Channel Tunnel. During his eight years at ITSO Ltd Mike has made a valued contribution as Chairman and we would like to thank him for the way he has guided the organisation during his tenure.

Steve Wakeland will take up the role of ITSO Ltd Executive Chairman on a transitional basis with effect from 1st April 2019. He will move away from his current duties as Chief Executive Officer but will continue to lead ITSO forward in his new role.

Additionally, Steve Holden has been appointed as General Manager of ITSO Ltd, moving on from his current role as Head of ITSO Technology. In this position, he will oversee the transition period as Steve Wakeland moves from the role of CEO to Executive Chairman.

ITSO Transit Hub Ltd

We are also announcing the appointment of Alistair Smith as the first Chairman of ITSO Transit Hub Ltd. Alistair currently serves as ITSO’s Non-Executive Director and Board Advisor.

ITSO Transit Hub Ltd (ITHL) was created specifically to develop, deliver into service and then operate the ITSO on Mobile smart ticketing technology. Now that ITHL is established, the installation of Alistair as Chairman reflects our continued move to provide governance separation. When the new ITSO Ltd Board came into being at the start of last year, we recognised the differing business models of ITSO Ltd as a membership company, and ITSO Transit Hub Ltd as a supplier of services.

The appointment of a Chairman for ITSO Transit Hub Ltd will further ensure separation between the two companies and preserve the impartiality of ITSO Ltd.

Looking ahead

2018 saw the roll out of the innovative solution ITSO on Mobile, through ITSO Transit Hub Ltd, with our launch operator Transport for West Midlands and the ‘Swift on Mobile’ app. Recognising that people want to plan and buy travel on their smart phone in the same way they buy other goods and services, we are already hearing from passengers on the Metro in Birmingham about the benefits of smart ticketing technology to their lives. Our latest video is a great way to share this message.

In 2019, ITHL will continue to partner with new operators and further implement the ITSO on Mobile solution across the UK bus, tram and rail networks.

For ITSO Ltd we will also continue to keep our members updated on our reviews of the ITSO Technical (Specification, Certification and Testing) and what the improvements will mean for ITSO smart ticketing. We will continue to work hard to ensure the best possible solution.

The leadership changes announced today reflect our ambition to move forward, as we ensure the true interoperability of the ITSO standard across the transport network. Please join us in wishing Mike Fuhr, Steve Wakeland, Steve Holden & Alistair Smith all the very best for the future.