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General ITSO Enquiries 
01908 255455

If you are a passenger on public transport and have a query with an ITSO smartcard then please contact the issuing local authority or transport operator who will be able to assist you with your query. ITSO do not issue any schemes or smartcards. 

Operations Manager: Julie Liburd

Email: julie.liburd@itso.org.uk
Mobile: 07776 182290

Finance; including all quotes/invoicing queries

Email: finance@itso.org.uk
Mobile: 07900 981625

Chief Executive Officer

Email: steve.holden@itso.org.uk
Mobile: 07718 114776

Certification & Testing; Technical including the ITSO Specification

Email: techteam@itso.org.uk
Mobile: 07581 474071

Service Management Team

For general Security, ISMS, ISAM, HOPS, product questions
Email: smtadmin@itso.org.uk
Mobile: 07912 731824 or 07462 903137

SMT Out of Hours (ISMS Help Desk)

Provided 7am to 8am, and 5pm to 7pm, Monday to Friday, and 7am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday, including all bank holidays bar Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
Email: smtadmin@itso.org.uk 
Service Desk ITSO Portal
Mobile: 01908 418713

Membership Product & Services Queries & Business Development

Email: acc_man@itso.org.uk
Mobile: 07387 286587

Yotra Ltd

For all ITSO on Mobile sales queries and/or Yotra enquiries:
Email: info@yotra.co.uk

Yotra Helpdesk for existing operator customers