The Specification

The ITSO Specification is the UK technical standard for interoperable smart ticketing.

The Specification defines the key technical items and interfaces that are required to deliver interoperability between both components of a smart ticketing system – smart media, point-of-service terminals and back offices – and between separate ticketing systems.

The purpose of the Specification is to provide a platform and a tool-box for the implementation of interoperable contactless smart customer media in public transport ticketing and related services.

The ITSO Specification has been kept as open as possible within the constraints of evolving national, European and international standards. It is Crown Copyright and any manufacturer can produce equipment to be certified for compliance with the ITSO Specification.

In this way ITSO maximises competition in the supply of systems and components for the commercial benefit of the industry as a whole, in contrast to proprietary systems, which may have only one or limited suppliers for equipment.

In general, ITSO promotes open standards but it does not disallow proprietary solutions where they are offered on reasonable, non-discriminatory terms and contribute towards the ultimate objective of interoperability.

The ITSO Specification is a technical solution and leaves room for schemes to develop their own business rules.

This page was last updated on 12 November 2014 GMT