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In certain specific circumstances where a Product is to be used in a local closed ITSO Environment, in advance of wider integration, a more limited certification is possible. Such options must be discussed with ITSO before progressing with Testing and must be accompanied with legitimate business reasons to support the request.

Following successful testing, the limited scope and lack of full ITSO conformance will be noted in Schedule B of the Certificate. The non-conformance and any requirement to obtain a Derogation from the ITSO Board will be detailed in the Schedule.

The award of such a certificate will not of itself allow the use of the Product. This is dependent on the ITSO Board agreeing a Derogation. This must be requested by the Operator intending to use the Product and may involve specific conditions and / or time limits being applied. Registered Suppliers are not to request Derogations. Certificates requiring a Derogation will not normally be published on the ITSO web site.

Derogations will not be granted to extend an expiring certificate.

Derogation requests will be reviewed by the ITSO board at the next meeting.  Please ensure any requests are submitted well before the next board meeting, dates can be found here

Current Derogations

The following table outlines current derogations granted by ITSO:

Licensed Member Derogation Details Start date  Expiry
South Western Railway Continued operation of Cubic IDP3B Outside London Gate POST v2.5.5 (Certificate C00079-13.1)  25/01/2022                  


Transport for Greater Manchester

Approval for TfGM HOPS remote fulfilment
to use ExpiryDateSP with rule code 2 for 
Period Carnets

3/03/2020 Continued*
ITSO / All Schemes

Request to not to add the National Stored Travel Rights IPE to
every Customer Media

14/07/2020 Continued*







*Derogation continued until release of ITSO Specification 2.1.5

Apply for Derogation

Licensed members seeking Derogation should complete this form.