Customer Media Certificates

CMD 2 – Generic micro-processor  Company Name  Certificate  Expiry Date 
Burall C-00108 Burall  06/06/2018
Cardag C-00112 Cardag  06/06/2018
Cardag Cert C00121 Cardag CMD2 NXP JTA021 JCOP v2.4.1 20120615  14/06/2019
Challenge Card Design Plastikkarten GmbH Cert C00109 CCD Contactless Card CMD2 Jun11 06/06/2018
Ecebs Ltd Cert C00117 Ecebs CMD2 Pearl 2407 Dec11  16/01/2019
Ecebs Ltd Cert C00131 Ecebs CMD2 Diamond 1367 Jan13  20/03/2020
Ecebs Ltd Cert C00132 Ecebs CMD2 Pearl 1360 May13  07/08/2020
Ecebs Ltd Cert C00157 Ecebs CMD2 Pearl 1360XL Mar16  03/03/2023
ESP Systex Ltd. Cert C00156 Novacard NXP ESP ITSO Applet v2.2 CMD2  17/12/2022
Exceet Card Austria GmbH Cert C00124-1 Exceet CMD2 NXP Aug 12  16/08/2019
Gemalto C-00113 Gemalto UK  27/06/2018
HID Global  Cert C00119 HID Global CMD2 Infineon SLE66CL81TRM4 20120510  09/05/2019
HID Global Cert C00120 HID Global CMD2 NXP SmartMX JTA021 20120510  09/05/2019
HID Global Rastede GmbH Cert C00109 HID Global CMD2 Aug12  06/06/2018
Novacard Informationssysteme GmbH Cert C00124 Novacard CMD2 NXP Aug 12  16/08/2019
PAV Card GmbH C-00110 PAV  06/06/2018
TransaXiom Cert C00133 Transaxiom Janus CMD2 May13  02/06/2020
Unicard Ltd Cert C00135 Unicard CMD2 July13  24/10/2020
Universal Smart Cards Ltd Cert C00150 Universal Smart Cards CMD2 Infineon SLE77 Apr15  07/05/2022
Universal Smart Cards Ltd Cert C00151 Universal Smart Cards CMD2 NXP JTA021 Apr15  07/05/2022
CMD 4 – Mifare® Ultralight (low memory) BemroseBooth Paragon Cert C00123 BemroseBooth Paragon CMD4 NXP Oct12  30/09/2019
Cheshire County Council Cert C00033-1 Cheshire Ultralite (CMD 4)  21/10/2020
Confidex Ltd Cert C00126 Confidex CMD4 Mifare Ultralight Aug12  23/08/2019
SECURETicket  Cert C00129 SecureTicket CMD4 Mifare Ultralight Nov12  20/12/2019
Universal Smart Cards Cert C00136 Universal Smart Cards CMD4 Mifare Ultralight Jul13  02/09/2020
CMD 7 – Mifare® DESFire Burall InfoSmart Ltd Cert C00171 Burall InfoSmart EV1 CMD7 Sept16 31/10/2023
Cardag Deutschland GmbH Cert C00169 Cardag Deutschland GmbH V1 CMD7 Aug16 15/09/2023
Databac Group Ltd. Cert C-00154 Databac NXP Mifare DESfire EV1 4K CMD7  09/10/2022
Ecebs Limited Cert_C00099_Ecebs_CMD7_DESfire_8k  08/07/2017
Ecebs Limited Cert C00173 Ecebs EV1 CMD7 Oct16 02/12/2023
Euclid Limited Cert C00077-1 Euclid CMD7 DESfire Mar13  20/03/2020
Euclid Limited Cert C00125 Euclid CMD7 DESfire Aug12  05/08/2019
Exceet Card Austria GmbH Cert C00127-1 exceet Card CMD7 Desfire EV1 4K Nov15  17/12/2019
Exceet Card Austria GmbH Cert C00128-1 exceet Card CMD7 Desfire EV1 8K Nov15  17/12/2019
Foongtone Technologies Co. Ltd Cert C00170 Foongtone NXP Desfire EV1 CMD7 Sept16 29/09/2023
Giesecke & Devrient Cert_C00105_GD_CMD7_DESfire_4k  15/11/2017
Giesecke & Devrient GB Ltd Cert C00122 GD CMD7 NXP DESfire 4k June12  22/07/2019
HID Global Cert C00168 HID Global CMD7 Ev1 8K Mifare DESfire July16  17/08/2023
HID Global Cert C00167 HID Global CMD7 Ev1 4K Mifare DESfire July16  17/08/2023
Novacard Informationssysteme GmbH Cert C00127 Novacard CMD7 DESfire 4k Nov12  17/12/2019
Novacard Informationssysteme GmbH Cert C00128 Novacard CMD7 DESfire 8k Nov12 17/12/2019
Oberthur Technologies C-00104 Oberthur  15/11/2017
Oomph Ltd. Cert 000152 Oomph Smart Cards – CMD7 Mifare DESfire 4k June 15  02/06/2022
Universal Smart Cards Ltd Cert C00153 Universal Smart Cards Ltd Mifare Desfire EV1 4 k CMD7  06/09/2022

* CMD1 and CMD3 are being phased out of the ITSO Environment. As such no CMD1 or CMD3 may be issued after 31 December 2009 and support for these media will be withdrawn from the ITSO Specification after 31 December 2016.

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