ITSO provides a level of accreditation below full Certification known as ‘ITSO Approved’. This is for incomplete media or components of devices (POSTs and HOPS) that could be completed through further enhancement or integrated into a complete device ready for deployment. 

An approval is designed to give comfort to ITSO members or registered suppliers who wish to assess and source such components from a pre-approved list.

When an approved component is included in a completed media or device, it then needs to be tested as a complete device and a certificate provided prior to deployment by a licensed ITSO member.  The fact that a complete device includes a component that has already been approved may reduce the amount of testing needed before the device can be certified.

In the case of Customer Media (CM), Approval involves adding a sample ITSO Shell and product (normally IPE TYP2 STR) to the blank customer media submitted by a supplier for testing, and then validating that the Shell has been successfully loaded.  Certification then takes this a number of steps further: the blank media is tested both for loading and reading/deleting the ITSO Shell and all relevant IPEs, and using all the relevant POSTs in the Interoperability Warehouse.

For other equipment (POSTs and HOPS Sub-assemblies), approval is given to allow organisations to provide sub-assemblies intended for incorporation in other equipment. The final certificate will always identify any approved components that have been integrated, and the nature of the sub-assembly interfaces will be shown in Schedule B of the certificate.

POST Sub Assembly Thyron Systems Ltd. Approval Cert A00017 Thryon POST MPT600 Sub Assembly


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