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Smart automatic refunds on South Western Railway

South Western Railway introduced a delay and repay scheme this Spring for those with Advance Purchase tickets or an ITSO based Touch Smartcard season ticket.

If trains are late by 15 minutes or more, customers get their money back after a claim is generated automatically on customer Delay repay accounts.

Customers receive an email alert - and then have to click 'claim' to confirm payment.

The money is then credited automatically to their accounts.

The aim is to reduce the time it takes to claim and receive payment.

Alan Penlington, Customer Experience Director for South Western Railway, said it is "part of a wider programme to improve the customer experience for anyone travelling with SWR "We look forward to introducing more exciting innovations over the course of our franchise, including faster Wi-Fi, new onboard infotainment systems, and more comfortable journeys."

Rail Minister, Andrew Jones said it is "right that it’s right that people are compensated fairly and quickly "The launch of ‘one click’ automated compensation for specific tickets is a welcome step forward for passengers on SWR and builds on our commitment to introduce this type of speedy compensation on future franchises.

In promoting the launch, SWR also ran a competition for season ticket holders (Weekly, Monthly, Monthly Plus or Annual) who switch to Touch Smartcards. By switching to the ITSO scheme, they would automatically be entered into a prize draw to win back the full value of their ticket.