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Novacroft launches online application portal to benefit local authorities

7 September 2017

Online application portal to benefit local authorities

Novacroft has launched an online application portal to enable simple, time-saving online application for a range of products and services offered by local authorities to residents, such as applications for the ITSO based English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS).

The portal can offer benefits for local authorities looking to make lengthy paper application processes swifter, smoother and more cost-efficient.

Portal key benefits

  • Is accessible and user friendly
  • Allows customers to make applications and payments online
  • Is low cost, quick and easy to implement
  • Is customisable and configurable
  • Includes eligibility checks and automatic hotlisting
  • Generates SMS alerts
  • Removes backlog of applications
  • Offers better customer experience
  • Creates less customer queries
  • Enables you to meet your SLAs

Novacroft’s CEO and Founder, Debra Charles, said: "We know that local authorities are working hard to deliver more for citizens, potentially with less resource. Time consuming processes could be making things difficult, yet moving these processes online may be causing some apprehension. With our online solution, we aim to address the aims of the new Government directive* by really transforming public services in this country.

Further benefits of online application are removing paper application processes, enabling employees to focus on other tasks, putting the customer at the heart of the process, whilst giving them one less thing to worry about, and making their lives easier – a key aim of Novacroft – alongside delivering cost savings in terms of improved efficiencies, more accuracy, and less fraud issues."

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