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ITSO Transit Hub and First Group deliver industry-first mobile ticketing on buses

 ITSO Transit Hub Ltd and First Group, one of the UK’s largest bus operators, are joining forces to deliver ITSO-compatible mobile ticketing to First Bus passengers through Google Pay. 

A first for bus passengers in the UK, trials of ITSO on Mobile, ITSO Transit Hub Ltd.’s mobile ticketing technology, are currently underway with First Bus Glasgow before being rolled out to more than 1.6 million passengers across the First Bus network.  

The mobile ticketing technology enables passengers to securely purchase, fulfil and use their ITSO-compatible First Bus ticket on their Android mobile phone. Integrated with mobile ticketing and data insights provider Corethree, the solution securely delivers First Bus tickets within seconds from the operator’s app directly into the passenger’s Google Pay digital wallet. The virtual ticket is then instantly recognised by validator machines, supplied by Ticketer. 

Steve Wakeland, ITSO Transit Hub Ltd Director, says: “Smartphones are central to our busy lives and giving bus passengers the option to use their phone as both ticket machine and ticket eliminates the need to carry a paper ticket or find the right cash to pay before boarding.  By adding an ITSO travel card to Google Pay, users can reload funds and purchase tickets from their mobile device, so they can get rid of physical cards or paper tickets entirely. Passengers can now buy tickets anytime, anywhere while significantly reducing boarding times. 

“We look forward to working with all the partners to further drive mobile ticketing adoption.”

Dave Lynch, CIO, First Group, says: “We see mobile ticketing as a central part of making our network up-to-date and frictionless. This collaboration with ITSO Transit Hub Ltd and Google Pay is helping us achieve our goal of providing the best possible travel experience for our passengers.”

For more information contact nigel.cullum@itso.org.uk