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The future of mobile communications

This week, our CEO Steve Wakeland will attend Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s largest mobile event showcasing the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology in mobile communications from more than 2,400 companies. It is a key event for the technology industry and gives us the chance to catch up with our partner IDEMIA, the global leader of Augmented Identity, which will be exhibiting at the show.

We have been working with IDEMIA Digital Enablement Platform, a comprehensive card digitisation solution, to bring our mobile ticketing technology ITSO on Mobile to passengers on West Midlands Metro. Last month, we spoke with James Webster, Swift Development Lead at Transport for West Midlands about the success of the roll out. In the near future we’re looking to expand ITSO on Mobile across the UK bus and rail network.

Operated by ITSO Transit Hub Ltd, ITSO on Mobile brings the UK’s trusted national smartcard to mobile phones. Planning, paying and downloading tickets is done quickly and securely to smart phones, in comparison to some existing schemes that have their limitations and security risks. Passengers can travel safely knowing their personal details are secure.

With smart phones already used to buy plane tickets, weekly food shops and to book a table at a favourite restaurant, we want to see mobile ticketing come to the fore in the same way. It is about providing passengers with a simple solution that saves them time and gives a seamless travel experience.

Staying up to date with developments in mobile technology is crucial for the transport industry and we are excited to see what Mobile World Congress has in store!