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The future of data interoperability in transport

On Tuesday, 26 March, John Verity, ITSO’s Chief Adviser attended the Department for Transport (DfT) Workshop on the future of Data Interoperability in Transport run by the British Stands Institute (BSI).

Dft has this month published their Future of Mobility (FoM) Strategy and ITSO and other stakeholders are being asked to help formulate the next steps towards a Regulatory Framework of Standards across all public, private and shared transport. This very much parallels the development of the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concept which ITSO is involved in through its role on the European body - Smart Ticketing Alliance.

The ‘Future of mobility: urban strategy’ outlines the government’s approach to maximising the benefits from transport innovation in cities and towns. It sets out the principles that will guide the government’s response to emerging transport technologies and business models.

MaaS is clear on the agenda and vision to change how we travel now and in the future. Joining up the various business models is vital to improving public transport as well as integrating other modes – for example, bicycle hire schemes. ITSO is suitably positioned to support this vision and through its work in developing a new version of the ITSO Specification, it will help facilitate innovations such as those that are already driving revolutionary changes in mobility.  

Through this workshop, setting the business framework and Use Cases will ensure that any new Standards are fit for purpose.

Despite ITSO journeys accounting for almost 1 in 3 journeys on public transport and ITSO infrastructure embedded into a large percentage of the transport environment, ITSO is still an untapped resource.  What we can bring to this workshop and any others that we participate in is our ability and ambition to improve the passenger experience, driving efficiency through interoperability that will enable people to move around on whichever mode of transport, wherever that may be, seamlessly.