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Smartex Transport Card Forum 2019 Annual Conference

How do we make technology meet the needs of travellers? That is the theme of this year’s Smartex Transport Card Forum (TCF19) conference, which brings together transport operators, consultants, suppliers, local government bodies and other industry specialists, to address the journey to integrated mobility and the challenges affecting the smart transport landscape.

Held at the Marriott Royal Hotel in Bristol on 24 and 25 September, the TCF19 programme will include thought-provoking discussions on journey planning; mobility-as-a-service (MaaS); ticketing; and payments, led by industry experts from organisations such as National Express, Google, the Department for Transport, and ITSO’s General Manager, Steve Holden.  

Steve will speak on the second day of the conference to run through our strategy and developments to the ITSO Specification to better meet the needs of operating members’ ticketing schemes. A large engagement exercise that kicked off in May has started to give us clarity on the areas within the ITSO Specification that require updating, for example there was significant demand from members for the definition of an Account Based Ticketing product and for more media options to be made available, including larger capacity, disposable low-cost media types.  

We look forward to sharing our ideas on smart ticketing and learning from other TCF attendees about how we can work together to provide passengers with the best possible travel experience. Collaboration is key to building a truly integrated transport system that works for all.

For more details on Smartex TCF see here.