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ITSO welcomes the new national bus strategy

ITSO welcomes the Department for Transport's new Bus Strategy and its objectives to encourage sustainable bus travel as the country emerges from Covid-19.  ITSO has been supporting sustainable bus travel through ‘contactless’ smart ticketing for approaching 20 years.  We are particularly pleased that this new strategy correctly differentiates ticketing from payment. By increasingly supporting a move from smartcards to smart phone based applications, ITSO is uniquely positioned to support the wider drive towards Mobility as a Service. This strategy allows the traveller to move seamlessly between planning their journey, making payment and choosing the most appropriate modes of transport to use.  

Buses are rightly seen as a key part of UK transportation infrastructure, and nearly 100% of buses, demand responsive vehicles and community transport are equipped with ITSO readers or ticket machines.  ITSO has always been there to support the complete journey using your ITSO smartcard or app whether for a single journey, as part of a wider through journey by train or ferry or a capped fare for all bus use that day or week.  

We are particularly pleased to see the commitment to the continued support for concessionary travel and the potential to move this onto the smart phone. ITSO has met with some of its national bus operators this week who fully support a move to a digital concessionary pass. ITSO has the technology ready to allow bus passes to migrate securely to customer's smartphones.  

ITSO are ready and willing to support the new and exciting ticketing and payment proposals contained within the DfT Bus Strategy.  We can work alongside journey planning, payment and real-time information to encourage a greater and sustainable future for bus travel and its contribution to environmental improvement and reduced carbon use. 

We look forward to working with bus and other modes of transport to deliver a single integrated and the most cost effective solution to sustainable mobility.