Become an ITSO Licensed Operator

Only ITSO members can become Licensed Operators and be granted an operating licence.

The terms of the licence aim to maintain the integrity of the ITSO operating environment for all users.

Licensed Operators can issue ITSO-compliant cards; issue, sell or accept ITSO products (tickets); and collect and forward data.

They benefit from the use of the ITSO Security Management Service and ITSO trademarks and are required to use only ITSO-compliant hardware and software within their ITSO operations.

Licensed Operators are eligible to join ILOG (ITSO Licensed Operators Group). This is a user group which aims to promote better understanding between Licensed Operators and ITSO by agreeing Codes of Practice and Guides to complement formal ITSO documentation, whilst encouraging the sharing of experiences concerning implementation and product interoperability.

If you are interested in becoming an ITSO Licensed Operator please contact Relationship Manager Kim Clarke on 01908 255485 email

This page was last updated on 11 May 2016 GMT