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ITSO on Mobile

ITSO understands that mobile technologies and services can transform smart ticketing in public transport and is committed to developing a solution that emulates the ITSO smartcard on a mobile phone.

ITSO has developed a solution with one of the main, global wallet providers and with a number of UK bus and train operators to bring all of the benefits of the ITSO national smartcard to the mobile phone.

ITSO on Mobile will go live in Autumn 2018 and will offer passengers end-to-end functionality that will allow them to plan their journeys, buy their tickets and then access their chosen modes of transport seamlessly, in a virtual 'wallet', all from the comfort and convenience of their mobile phone.


ITSO will ensure that an ITSO on Mobile solution is:

  • Secure – ITSO pride themselves on its high level of security
  • Functional – full card emulation with over the air capabilities
  • Cost-Effective – for affordable adoption by members, operators and users
  • Accessible for a broad range of operators and users (ie handsets)

The solution architecture will be:

  • Compatible with existing ITSO infrastructure
  • Re-use existing ITSO and ‘payment style’ software modules wherever possible
  • Scalable for rapid and resilient rollout
  • Using a central ITSO-managed transaction hub through which shells and products will be channelled from operator back offices to a standard card emulation within the mobile phone.
  • Capable of integrating with operator’s existing mobile retail components

Contact us

ITSO are keen to engage with suppliers to the mobile payment industry as well as existing suppliers and members who are interested in implementing this new mobile ticketing technology. Contact us at info@itso.org.uk for more details.