INCORPORATED in 1988, Euclid had established itself in the national ID card field long before joining ITSO in 2007, in preparation for the ENCTS (concessionary travel) launch.

Euclid not only operates a world-class smartcard bureau service – it designs much of the plant which is used to create these cards, starting with raw components and assembling upon demand.

Our own ITSO smartcards are trademarked as Integra® reflecting their construction – the printed data being encapsulated integrally within the card structure between layers of PVC. This adds to the tamper evidence and longevity of the card.

The use of premium smart inlays (supplier to 86% of the world’s ePassport inlays) further ensures a quality product.


Euclid’s production capacity has been significantly enhanced through two routes:

a) the acquisition of high speed Datacard MX series match-mailer systems,

b) removing the historical bottleneck of ITSO shelling/encoding involved with this process: the card encoding stations (Perso Posts), have been upgraded to Euclid’s own designed/manufactured Parallel Processing Perso Post, the E7020. The result is a sixfold increase in encoding compared to serial processing.

These two changes result in Euclid being able to process 40,000 ITSO cards per 8-hour shift, 120,000 per 3-shift day – from data receipt, printed, encoded, matched to a personalised carrier letter and mailed.


Euclid shares joint equal ownership of the Unicard HOPS under a contractual arrangement which results in a well-balanced working relationship.

Taking the idea of the HOPS a step further, we have created a “first-line” HOPS, sitting between card issuance and the respective Authority scheme HOPS.

A “first-line” HOPS reduces the complexities and costs associated in setting up new clients at the bureau end of the operation.

The greatest saving is in negating the requirement for multiple ISAMs per client (management and cost). Instead, each client can be added to a stock of “super SAMs” – identical in fact to the manner in which ISL (ITSO Services Ltd) operated. It is only necessary to add keys to the “super SAMs” with no need to make new ones.

The biggest winner in this arrangement is the Authority which does not incur the costs associated with multiple ISAMS (purchase, configuration and annual ITSO maintenance), whilst Euclid gains in having less ISAMS to manage, contributing to further SLA improvement.


Euclid’s proprietary CMS, Faredeal®, is used across 20 Authorities managing 3.5 million concessionaires. It provides a scalable solution which can be customised to suit the particular client environment with regard to specific concessions (local and national), the data being held, applicant validation criteria, user presentation, reports, etc. It also handles non-card concessions.

Contact Centre

Euclid runs county-wide contact centres for the full gamut of concessionary fares services in bus pass management. Agents are dedicated to the Authority to ensure continuity with the particular business rules regarding validity, etc.

The centre handles incoming queries and applications via telephone, post and email and responds in a like manner.

A proprietary, scalable and made-for-purpose call management system is in use, complete with the functionality for automatic report generation for monthly and year-to-date statistics. ePayment for lost passes is also provided.

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