ITSO for Suppliers

ITSO suppliers either produce smart ticketing equipment  which complies with the Specification or, as consultants, offer advice on how to set up and run ITSO smart ticketing systems.

All equipment deployed to an ITSO scheme has to be certified for compliance with the ITSO Specification.

ITSO performs Testing and Certification of equipment (including cards and other media, ticketing terminals and back offices) in its Testing Suite in Milton Keynes where our technical team is on hand to support suppliers and ITSO members through the process.

Equipment suppliers can choose whether to become a member of ITSO, which allows them to be closely involved with the public transport ticketing community and contribute to further development of the ITSO Specification, or limit themselves to testing and certification of their equipment to become registered suppliers only.

Suppliers are offered the opportunity to engage in discussion about the existing and future ITSO environment. They can choose to become full members of ITSO, with associated voting rights.

This page was last updated on 11 December 2012 GMT