SWSAL (South West Smart Applications Ltd)

ITSO smart ticketing throughout South West England

Plymouth University has published a paper on ITSO smart ticketing in the region which you can download below.


A key element of the Plymouth Centre for Sustainable Transport’s (CST) work since 2007 has been leadership of a major project to introduce and roll out smart card ticketing technology across South West England.

Such technology brings significant sustainability benefits, but is extremely difficult to deploy in the UK’s deregulated public transport operating environment. Professor Jon Shaw and Dr Andrew Seedhouse created with colleagues South West Smart Applications Ltd (SWSAL), a region-wide public / private not-for-profit company launched by Transport Minister Norman Baker in October 2010.

The company is supporting the delivery of new smartcard ticket machines on all registered local buses in the South West.

This has delivered significant improvements to public transport service delivery, shaped the roll-out of government transport policy and produced direct stimulus for the development of new public transport ticketing products and practices.

University of Plymouth – ITSO smart ticketing throughout South West England

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