Kent County Council/Euclid

WITH the completion of Kent County Council’s transfer to the Euclid HOPS, the authority is now benefitting from our supplier’s “first-line HOPS” solution for its card production.

A “first-line HOPS” is provided as an interface between the production encoding for all the clients on it and their own scheme’s HOPS. It will manage the message transactions (creation and acknowledgement) without being limited by the status of the client’s own HOPS.

The major benefits provided by the “first-line HOPS” are the reduced complexities and costs associated with setting up the service at the card production end of the operation. The greatest saving has been in negating the requirement for multiple ISAMs per client. Instead, the Kent profiles (ENCTS and Youth Passes) have been added to a stock of “super ISAMS” – identical in fact to the manner in which ISL operated.

Not only has this reduced any initial set-up and ongoing costs, it similarly reduces the volume of ISAMs to manage within the production environment. The goal is to include all ENCTS production clients to this service.

The “first-line HOPS” environment is providing Kent County Council with a faster and simpler encoding set-up. It also reduces the chance of delays due to damaged and subsequently replaced ISAMs. For Kent, this results in a faster, more efficient turn-around of passes for our customers.

Kent County Council is one of the first local authorities to gain from the launch of this service. In early 2013, the authority will be re-issuing in excess of 220,000 concessionary passes. As well as the benefits of the “first-line HOPS”, Kent will also be taking advantage of the greater production throughput using Euclid’s newly-developed ITSO encoding system), giving a six-fold increase in yield over the traditional process. This will again serve to ensure that Kent’s customers receive their cards as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Geoff Neal, MD at Euclid, said “We have always worked to an IT solution-led strategy, improving automation and minimising cost to our clients. The “first line HOPS” approach was initially suggested to Euclid by our partner Unicard. It made such obvious sense that we adopted it without hesitation.

“Coupling this to parallel processing within the PersoPost encoding system simply serves to increase efficiencies, improve SLA and ultimately reduce prices to the customer.”

Information provided by Kent County Council and Euclid

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